Are you the next Western Canadian Rose?

Calling all Ladies interested in a once in a lifetime experience as the Western Canadian Rose.

The Edmonton Irish Sports & Social Society invites you to enter to be selected as the 2014 Western Canadian Rose. The successful candidate will represent Western Canada in Ireland at the National Rose of Tralee Festival. The winner is selected based on her personality and should be a good role model for the festival and for Ireland during her travels.

The selection takes place on April 26.  It will be a good night to come out to the dinner dance (tickets are $30 and available at the bar).

All entrants must be : ♦ Female, 18 years of age and not older than 28 ♦ Unmarried, never married and without any dependents ♦ Of Irish birth or ancestry and able to verify this if required ♦ Someone who has not represented any centre at the national or international level of this event

The deadline to enter is April 19. For more information contact Moria Quirke at 780-918-6331.

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Staying in Canada

Have you fallen in love with Canada and want to stay?

Canadian Visa Specialists, in conjunction with the Irish Canadian Immigration Centre, will be at the Irish Club on Wednesday, February 12 for a free seminar on the options for all temporary residents in Canada, including visitors, holders of International Experience Class visas, work and study permits.  The session will start at 7PM.

The seminar will address options to renew or change your status as well as how to apply for permanent residence.  Information will also be provided on the recent changes announced by Citizenship & Immigration Canada and how they will affect you.

A special guest from Scotiabank will also give a short presentation.

This will be an informal session with an open Q&A portion and there will be an opportunity to network after the information session.

To sign up for the seminar, please visit

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Can You See Yourself Behind the Bar at the Irish Club??

The Irish Sports and Social Society is currently seeking a full-time Bar Supervisor.
The position is based on a 40-hour work week, typically from Wednesday to Sunday.  As we are a dynamic organization, these hours will vary.    We are looking for someone to oversee the bar operations and work the bar itself.  Previous bartending or serviving experience is an asset.  Pro Serve certification is required.
Specific Responsibilities
·       Bartending
·       Inventory
·       Liquor orders
·       Scheduling bar staff
·       Daily cash outs
·       Weekly deposits
·       Oversee bar operations
·       General upkeep and maintenance of the bar
 The monthly salary is $3000.00.
Please submit your resume by email to moc.liamtohnull@78ydarb_daenis
Only applicants selected for an interview will be contacted, but we appreciate your interest nonetheless!
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“Ode to a Concrete Parking Lot”

At the Irish Sports and Social
Twas on a Friday night
They were out there pouring concrete
sure it was a lovely sight.

There was Martin in his wellies
and Eric in his socks
and Jockey was the Gaffer,
cause the rest of them were locked

Crooner McNulty hurt himself
when he tripped on a wire frame
he was up to his neck in concrete
when the paramedics came

McCready was there with trowel in hand
and Masterson worked the lights
McCormack was still cleaning up
when a Policeman came inside

“What’s goin on here?”
a culchie accent said
and there was this massive big Policeman
with the light shining off his head

“Oh it’s you Inspector”
and he standing at the bar
“It’s ok Pat” the Poiceman said
“I just come to pick up me car”

“Is it outside your parked?” said Paddy
“Or, or is it round the back?”
and Paddy smiling nervously
waited for an answer back

So out the back the two did go
and the scene they did survey,
no car to be seen
just a slab of concrete lay.

“Did you’se tow me car boys?”
a towering man roared out
“What car” was the reply
in unison that rang out.

Well it was Saturday afternoon
when they were all released on bail
and scheduled court appearances be made
or else they’d go to jail

Now Dublin has great monuments
and Cork, not to be outdone,
has Patricks Bridge and other things
to remember it’s native sons

But the Irish here in Edmonton
will not soon be forgot
Our monument is a car named “Braiden”
about three feet under the Lot

by Joe Burns


Thank’s to Joe for sending us this poem!

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A brief history

The Edmonton Irish Sports and Social Society can trace its origins to a meeting on April 18th, 1958, when a group of newcomers formed the Edmonton Gaels. In February 1959 they adopted the title Irish Sports and Social Club, and soon saw the formation of the Shamrock Rovers soccer club. On November 28th, 1962 the club attained society status and thus became the Irish Sports and Social Society. Continue reading

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