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  1. Katie Reply

    Hi, I was wondering about your St. Patrick’s day event this Sunday. Is it open to the general public? What are your rates? (Are toddler’s/ preschooler’s free or a discounted rate?) What time in the morning will the games and dancers start?

    Thank you!

    • S H Reply

      Hi Katie. Thanks for the question. Tickets are $20 each and it is open to Members and their guests. If you are not a current member, you can get a family membership for $45. Kids 11 and under are free. The games start at 8am (I’m just updating our website with details as we speak!). Dancers start at 10am and go every 2 hours or so throughout the day.

  2. Sarah Walsh Reply

    Hey, just wanted to check if it was the same as last year where non-members could pay the entrance fee for Paddy’s Day?

    • S H Reply

      Hi Sarah. Thanks for the question. All members or their guests pay the $20 ticket fee, depending on capacity tomorrow, there may be non-member ticket prices at the door but I’m not sure the exact price; although in the past it’s been an extra $5 per ticket. Hope that helps!

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