2020/21 Executive

President: Tom Morris, 587-337-3490, ten.tenalpsuletnull@siriumo

Vice President: Janet Wilde, 780-566-2191, ten.suletnull@najom

Secretary: Pat Van Meer, 780-887-9776, moc.liamgnull@991chsiri

Treasurer: Rory Brady, 780-720-3010, moc.dtlkcormahsnull@yror

Social Director: Melanie Regan, 780-233-7558, moc.liamtohnull@66siwel_einalem

Cultural Director: Shannon Haggerty, 780-918-0647, moc.liamgnull@SSSIrotceridlarutluc

Sports Director: Denise Howie, 780-940-6376, ten.suletnull@2eiwohd

Member-at-Large: Jenny McKearney, 780-699-1256, moc.liamtohnull@yenraekcmynnej

Trustee: Shane Callaghan, 587-783-5010, moc.liamtohnull@51nahgallacenahs

Trustee: Chuck Howie, 587-597-4680, moc.tenrolpxnull@eiwohc

Trustee: Shawna Wood, 780-394-7892, moc.kooltuonull@doow.anwahs

Past President: Anita Nixon, 780-887-9705, moc.liamgnull@sssi.anoxin

6 comments on “Contact”

  1. Ryan Madej Reply

    Hello. I was thinking of holding a birthday celebration at your location. I was also wondering if this is children friendly if its before a certain time of the day.

    Thank you for you help.

    • S H Reply

      Hello Ryan. Thanks for the question. To discuss your birthday celebration needs, please connect with our Social Director directly via phone or email. She will be able to answer all your questions!

  2. Vitalie Ciorbu Reply

    Hello, I try to get application to renew my daughter passport , try to do online but for Canada same like not working so how can I get the application for. Thank you in advance.

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